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With a cast of 16 dancers and 2 musicians performing many shows each year, we are the leader in Hawaiian Entertainment in the Chicago area.

With 50 years experience and a reputation recognized world-wide, we strive in showmanship, performance, professionalism, and service to be second to no other in the Hawaiian entertainment industry.


Whether you need a single Hula girl to perform a 1-hour show for your small, private backyard luau, or you need a larger show with a cast of a dozen for a city luau, or you need any possible combination in between, you have just arrived on the shores of paradise.  Welcome!

As one of the largest Hawaiian entertainment companies in the Midwest and one with a long-term, leading track-record, the Barefoot Hawaiian specializes in making your Hawaiian event a success, whether it be your first or your 100th.

Being the Midwest's leading provider of entertainment for small luaus, each year we perform many one-hula-girl shows for small private parties and small corporate events.  Discover as most do that live Hawaiian entertainment is affordable and well within reach.  If you're in or near the greater Chicago region and have that last minute need, we can often provide one or two person shows with same or next day service. 

For slightly larger needs, each year we also provide many performances with 2 to 5 entertainers.  Let us prepare the perfect package for your event.  Your schedule is our schedule. 

Have a beautiful lei greeter welcome guests as they arrive, Scottie the Parrot mingle with guests or keep the children busy during cocktails and appetizers, a solo musician perform before and during dinner, and dancers put on a full Hawaiian show after, concluding it all with the spectacular fire knife performance.

The ideal small entertainment package created to your requirements and budget is just a phone call away.  If you need something larger, we know no limit.

More information about our expert service and performers are provided on the rest of this page.  We are ready to hear from you.



16 Professional Hula Dancers, 16 Professional Tahitian Dancers, and one Professional Samoan Fire-Knife Dancer is just a sampling of the talent in our Performing Arts Company.  

We perform all the various forms of Polynesian, Hawaiian, and Tahitian dance as well as the specialty dances of neighboring islands.  Our team of girls perform the mystifying  Maori Poi Balls of New Zealand, is just one other example.

Every one of our professionals is trained to perform from solo to a member of a full cast show.  No show is too big or too small.

And that covers only our all-professional team.  Available for many public shows are additional dancers that comprise our cast of non-professionals.

These include 5 adult females (Mohala) that dance for fun. They are nothing less than entertaining.

How is it we perform the majority of luau and Hawaiian shows in the Midwest?  The performance by our dancers is just the beginning ...


For 41 years, the Barefoot Hawaiian has had its own band.  Today our band consists of two musicians multi-talented in both instrumentation and vocals.  

Our musicians do not require a stationary stage or platform or even need to be near a source of electricity.  We have performed in many parades on floats where we provide our mobile electronic equipment and electricity.   Wherever you are having the party, our musicians can be there too.

Best of all, you can book only our band if all you need is live music for your event, or you can book our band as part of a complete show with dancers and other options such as emcee. 

Smaller performances or even larger ones where you don't want or need a live band are performed to pre-recorded music by major music artists, whether Hawaiian or otherwise.  And whether your show is small or large, we provide all our own equipment as needed.  This includes quality systems, speakers, and electronics.

Especially important, all music you will hear at your event, whether performed by our band or pre-recorded is played under license.  See our licensing note at the bottom of this page.  This is particularly important if you are hiring the Barefoot Hawaiian to perform at a public show.  You can rest easy knowing you will not get that threatening notice from ASCAP or other licensing authority charging you a high fee for having copyrighted music played or performed at your event without the rights to do so.  Check with other companies you might also be looking at.  You might find we are the only one playing licensed music.

The Interaction

Scottie, Chicago's most loveable parrot, can provide the most interactive part of any show.  His job is to mingle with guests, put smiles on their faces, and create those photographic moments and memories that last a lifetime.

Scottie the Parrot TM is a third-party option for any Barefoot Hawaiian show.  Click here for more information.

Our lei greeters provide early interaction by welcoming your guests and getting them into the Hawaiian mood the moment they arrive.

Then during the show, guests of honor, your staff, or willing volunteers are invited to join us on stage for a quick hula lesson and to show all the rest that fun and laughter truly is the best medicine.

It is important to us that you do more than watch a show; for it's a better one when your guests participate in it.

The Extras

With more than a dozen professional performers expert in the Hawaiian dance arts, a band, tropical parrot, and lei greeters, one may wonder what else can there be.  Well, there is much more.

We have more added-value items, options, and extras than we can list.

We have our own show emcee, who not only runs the show but explains some history and trivia associated with the various performances.

As for performance variety, we refuse to be second to anyone.  In costuming alone, our performers may make as many as 7 costume changes in just one show.  Nearly all costumes are custom made by hand to traditional styles.

In addition to modern traditional Hawaiian and Tahitian costuming, we also honor, upon request, specific costuming requirements all the way to ultra-conservative with minimal skin exposure.  Our performance will be equally like-minded.  The Barefoot Hawaiian, respects the traditions of all cultures, beliefs, societies, age groups, and settings.

How about a New Zealand Warrior with full face-paint and garment greeting your guests with the traditional New Zealand warrior welcome?  We have that too.

When needed, we have our own area and spot-lighting.  Our performers are never in the dark such that you can't see them.

What many consider special requests, we do routinely.  


The Reputation

From Harpo Studios right here in Chicago to the Government of China for a show in Shanghai, the Barefoot Hawaiian has been selected by and performed for more fortune 500 companies, global corporations, and international organizations than any other Hawaiian Performing Arts company in the Midwest.

We have performed for half-time shows in sporting events, televised parades, and state fairs.  Our dancers have been the selected dance performers for top Hawaiian musical artists.

The Barefoot Hawaiian has had uncounted television appearances and interviews and has been photographed for and written about in countless newspaper articles.

You receive the same performance that earned this reputation. First-rate is not optional.

The Value

We are committed to providing you the best value in luau, Hawaiian, and Polynesian entertainment.

When you consider our years in business, experience, professionalism, variety, extras, and options, you receive the most for your money from a Barefoot Hawaiian show.

We are also fully insured, and although we have never faced a single claim, you can rest easy that you and your guests are covered in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.

With everything we offer, you also save time.


In the final analysis, it all must work and work well together; otherwise, it will appear as a bunch of individual dancers simply thrown together.

To ensure your total satisfaction with the entire performance, Barefoot Hawaiian shows are carefully scripted, directed. and produced, just as you would expect in any fine entertainment.

Each performance and act in the show is a choreographed dance routine synchronized to carefully selected and performed music. Our dance company is comprised of not just dancers, but dance teams, leaders, team directors, and choreographers. Nothing is left to chance when we take the stage.

Moreover, to keep the variety fresh, we completely redo the production every year for our general performance shows.  Each year receives new dance routines, new choreography,  new production numbers, and new music (except for retaining the highly requested favorites).  In short, it's a new show every year.

For 2024 we are presenting ...

"Ride The Wave"

Our shows in previous years have been ...




"The Return of Paradise"




“Walking Through Paradise"


"Islands in the Sun"
(People, Places, Stories)


"Paradise Found"


(Journey to Hawaii)


"ALOHA! The Beat Goes On..."


"Polynesion Fusion ~ Shifting Tides"


"Waves, Flowers, and Fires of Polynesia"


"The Heartbeat of Hawaii"


"Ports of Paradise"


"Rhythms of Polynesia"


"Voyage Through Polynesia"


"Voyage Through the South Pacific"


"Islands in Time — 25 Years of Aloha"


"Rhapsodies of the South Pacific"


"This Side of Paradise"


"Love is Reflected in Love" 


Even more show options ...

Then, to offer you even more variety, we have specialty shows such as our restaurant and lounge performance offerings that are available to restaurants, lounges, nightclubs, and other similar venues.  

Need something special?  We can customize a show specific to your needs for your establishment.  Call us today for more information.


Our goal is the achievement of perfection, our creed is to remain true to the arts, and our promise to you is one of dignity and professionalism.

 Only our Professional Division dancers perform the private shows.  Each is a top-flight dancer and performer.  

Every one of the professionals must maintain a highly rigorous and demanding training schedule, not only to maintain their certification as a Barefoot Hawaiian professional performer, but to improve their skills as well.  And because we have our own school, we are certain that they do just that. They are not just dancers, they are athletes.

In addition, you will always be guaranteed a totally dignified performance.  At no point will any of our performers ever reduce themselves to something less by a cheap or sleazy gimmick in their routine.  In fact, these are one of the few requests we must deny.

So whether we are performing for your church social or for your bachelor or bachelorette party, you will be assured a dignified and totally professional performance of true and authentic artistry.


Even with a reputation that spans oceans, the Barefoot Hawaiian remains a modest, family-owned business that places customer service first.

We cater to your needs and do the show you desire.  Want high energy?  Nostalgic?  Relaxed and easy?  Tell us.

Have a special occasion such as an anniversary requiring a performance or dedication to a very significant song?  Consider it done.  With more than 50 years in entertainment, we have experience with just about every request imaginable.  You will not simply hear a "yes" from us, but can relax in knowing that the result will be as you dreamed it would be.

So whether you want one hula-girl to perform for your backyard luau or need a dozen for a larger show to entertain a hundred-thousand visitors to your state fair, you will always receive world-class professionalism with the highest in personalized service and attention.  It all comes with a smile.

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Music Licensing - Legal Notice

All music performed live by our band or pre-recorded (CD or digital) music played at performances or used during dance classes are properly and legally licensed through the National FastDance Association.   The Barefoot Hawaiian, by being properly licensed, supports and believes all musicians and artists be deservingly compensated for their artistry and for the use of their music.  


Stop music piracy by hiring only properly licensed musicians and dance performers

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