Forged Spam Alert

Who Should Read This?

If you received unsolicited email (spam) with a BAREFOOTHAWAIIAN.COM email address shown in the FROM address line of your email, then this notice and information is for you.

First: The Barefoot Hawaiian Email Policy

The Barefoot Hawaiian abides by the most stringent of practices never to send unsolicited email to anyone.  In fact, the Barefoot Hawaiian has absolutely no public email list, has no public newsletters or email subscriptions, will not accept emails addresses for this purpose from anyone, and never sends mass email to the general public.  Moreover, the domain name of BAREFOOTHAWAIIAN.COM is never used for email transmission.  The BAREFOOTHAWAIIAN.COM domain name is used in web site hosting and in receiving email only.

Now About the Email You Received

Simply, what you received was a forgery.  That is, the email sent to you was forged to give the impression it came from the Barefoot Hawaiian.

Why?  Quite simply, to get you to open it.  It is a common tactic of spammers to forge the sender's email address with the name of a well-known and highly respectable business in the hopes that when the recipient sees it, they will be coaxed into opening it.  In many case the forgeries are clever enough, by crafting the emails' internal message headers, to fool many experienced persons.  Nonetheless they are forgeries. 

What to Do

The easiest and simplest thing you can do is simply ignore the email.  When it arrives, do not open it but instead simply delete it.  It's not from the Barefoot Hawaiian and since we do not use the BAREFOOTHAWAIIAN.COM domain name to send email, it's a fake and should be immediately deleted.

If you are being bothered by much spam, a spam blocker may help.  Most of the better and more sophisticated spam blockers will be able to detect the forgeries we have seen thus far with BAREFOOTHAWAIIAN.COM on them.

Other than this there is not much one can do.  Often, this spam is coming out of third-world countries or being generated by worm-infected and Trojan-compromised computers.  There is little to nothing the Barefoot Hawaiian can do either.  If we could, we would have, as we don't want our name being used for this purpose.  We ask, for this reason, that you do not complain to the Barefoot Hawaiian, nor reply/return the email to the reply address.  They will only fall into an unmonitored email address box and be immediately deleted.

Thank you

For more information, call The Barefoot Hawaiian at (847) 699-7336
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