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Since 1983, The Barefoot Hawaiian has been building an international reputation in the entertainment field involving Hawaiian, Polynesian, and South Pacific artistic forms of music, dance, and theatrical shows.

Today, this reputation is known around the world and the words "Barefoot Hawaiian" have not only become synonymous with the field of Hawaiian, Polynesian, and South Pacific styles of entertainment art forms, but the name and the words have come to be recognized and affiliated with a mastery and perfectionism of those arts. The Barefoot Hawaiian has in its staff, world champions in these art forms, and the Barefoot Hawaiian story has been covered in television programs, radio shows, books, newspapers, magazines, and Internet web sites.

Registered Trademarks

The words "Barefoot Hawaiian" and our company name, are registered trademarks of The Barefoot Hawaiian, Incorporated in both the United States and Canada.  These words and phrases and grammatical variations of them are prohibited from use by any individual or organization as means of identity, a synonym, a nickname, a title, or a catch-phrase in association with Hawaiian, Polynesian, or South Pacific music, dance, or theatrical show entertainment; retail trade of Hawaiian or Polynesian style merchandise, rental or sale of Hawaiian, Polynesian, or South Pacific style props and decor; and dance instruction in the Hawaiian, Polynesian, or South Pacific styles, unless those words are being used in direct reference to The Barefoot Hawaiian, Incorporated in Illinois, USA.  Any other use, requires the expressed written permission of The Barefoot Hawaiian, Incorporated.

Service Marks

In addition, the following company name graphics and logos are service marks of The Barefoot Hawaiian, Incorporated.

Property Rights

The trademarks and service marks described or depicted on this page are the property of The Barefoot Hawaiian, Incorporated and protected under both The United States of America and International Laws. Note that for the sake of aesthetics and for the purpose of readability, "" may not appear after every use of "Barefoot Hawaiian" on this web site or on downloadable materials. That notwithstanding, every use of "Barefoot Hawaiian" carries with it an implied trademark notation and is to be read with the understanding that it is a registered trademark of The Barefoot Hawaiian, Incorporated.

Logo Usage

No service marked logo of the Barefoot Hawaiian may copied to or rendered on another web site without expressed written permission.  We generally welcome hyperlinks to our web site from other web sites, but the use of our logo as a link or as part of a link is prohibited without our permission.  If you wish to use our logo as or as part of a link on your site, contact us so we can advise you which logo to use.

Barefoot Hawaiian Hyperlink Usage

The Barefoot Hawaiian generally welcomes links (i.e., Hyperlinks) from other web sites to our web site. Because the words Barefoot Hawaiian is a registered trademark of our company, must be used in descriptions and in hyperlink references to our web site where our company name is rendered.  Following is a sample depiction:

The Barefoot Hawaiian

To make this convenient for you to do, we provide the HTML code for you to insert into your web page.  Simply click the following link to download the HTML code Zip file.  The code is contained in a text file within the Zip file.  After you unzip and open the file, you can cut and paste the code as HTML into your web page.

 Barefoot Hawaiian HTML code 

Terms of Use

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