The Barefoot Hawaiian is chosen by governments, fortune 500 companies, world-champion sport teams, and world-known celebrities.  Their performances are among the most recognized and requested on the Mainland.

On this page you can view photos, listen to music, watch videos, read reviews, see the spotlight coverage  The Barefoot Hawaiian is ready to bring the islands of Hawaii live to you, just as they've been bringing to thousands of others for over 45 years.


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Note To respect the privacy of our clients, we have abbreviated or generalized customer information on feedback.  Customer information is shown on performances that were open to the public or where the client granted permission to use their name.


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Our Fire-Knife performances are an important part of our show and it is necessary to depict them here in order for prospective clients to compare us to other performing arts companies and to have a visual perspective on what is one our most spectacular and sought-after  performances. 

The dance, stunts, and tricks performed with fire as shown here are performed by experts and world champions that have had years of training from masters in the art and involve secrets that have been passed down through generations. Moreover, we take extreme measures and precautions to ensure the safety of both our performers and our guests.  Our safety measures combined with our expert performers make for a very safe show.

Any attempt by an amateur or untrained person to perform what is shown here is extremely dangerous and life threatening, both to the performer and to persons nearby.  Under absolutely no circumstance should anyone attempt to perform, try, or experiment with these stunts. The Barefoot Hawaiian accepts no responsibility for injury to anyone or caused by anyone that has not heeded this notice and warning.


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