Test Your System for Required Audio Software


To listen to our musical selections, you must have the free Apple QuickTime Player, version 6.5.2 or higher installed on your computer.  You can verify the installation of QuickTime right here on this page.  If you can see the test window below, between the 2 horizontal lines, then you have QuickTime installed already.  To test that you have correct version of QuickTime with the required Audio Components installed on your system, click in the test window below to play a test sound track. 


Internet Audio Test

If you can hear the test audio, then you have all the required software and audio components to play our internet music selections.

If you cannot see the above test audio window or cannot hear the test sound track, then proceed to the INSTALL page to install QuickTime on your system.

If you are certain the the correct software is installed on your system and are still having trouble playing this test video, then proceed to the page to help SOLVE the problem, or to the SYSTEM page to make sure your system and it's configuration meets the requirement to play video.