Install the Required Audio Software Here


To play our audio selections, you must have the Apple QuickTime Player (either the FREE or the PRO edition), version 6.5.2 or higher installed on your computer.  QuickTime is a well-known, safe, reliable media player using the latest media technology for delivering high-quality media across various platforms.  In most cases, the player is likely already installed on your system, but in case it is not, or you have an outdated version, this page will help you install it.

If you could not see the audio test window on the TEST page then you likely do not yet have QuickTime installed on your computer. If you could see the test video window on the TEST page but the video would not play with both video and audio, then you you need to upgrade your QuickTime installation to a higher version.

To download the latest version of QuickTime click the link below to visit the QuickTime download center.

Apple QuickTime Player Download Center - Latest Version

The latest version of QuickTime (7.1.5 at this writing) supports PCs with Windows Vista, Windows XP/SP2, Windows 2000/SP4, and supports all Macintosh G3 Computers with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher.

If your computer is an older one using a legacy Windows operating system then you will need Version 6.5.2 of the QuickTime Player which you can download from this web page:

Apple QuickTime Player - Version 6.5.2

Version 6.5.2 of QuickTime supports Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, and Windows 98.  Note that the videos on our web site will play on version 6.5.2 of QuickTime and with the same quality as on the latest version of QuickTime.

After you download desired version of QuickTime to your computer, execute the file to install QuickTime and follow the installation instructions.  Windows 2000/XP/Vista users must be logged in with administrator privilege to install (not to download) QuickTime.