The Barefoot Hawaiian offers all the choices of music that you will need for any luau or Hawaiian themed event of any size.

In addition to pre-recorded CD selections, we offer a wide variety of live music options.  These include a 6-member Hawaiian band for the sounds of Hawaiian Hula, a 10-member percussion team for Tahitian drum beats, and 2 solo artists for those smaller or intimate settings.

Whether you need a soloist to provide background music at your restaurant or lounge or our full band and drum team to compliment the performances of our full Polynesian revue, the Barefoot Hawaiian is ready to play music for you.

This gallery provides you the opportunity to listen before you buy and to help you decide what option is right for you.  Make your selection from the index on the left.  Listen to one or enjoy them all.  With each selection is information about the particular performance and the performing musicians.

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