"Heart of a Soul Surfer"

Sunday, June 13, 2010
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Prairie Lakes Theater

Barefoot Hawaiian's "Aloha in Action" division* is proud to present an Inspirational Evening of Aloha based upon and including a special presentation of the film, "Heart of a Soul Surfer."

For anyone going through a difficult time time in his or her life, or simply for anyone who needs to be uplifted, this will be an inspirational evening with a positive, empowering film not to be missed.

In addition to the showing of the film, the evening will include a special inspirational performance and show by the Barefoot Hawaiian.  This will be an evening for all ages and for the entire family to experience together.

Heart of a Soul Surfer

Heart of a Soul Surfer is the personal documentary of Hawaiian teen shark attack survivor and inspirational surfer, Bethany Hamilton.

Bethany Hamilton, a 13-year-old girl destined for a successful surfing career, lost her arm to a 14-foot tiger shark on October 31, 2003.  The attack didn’t cause this determined “Soul Surfer” to give up.   Instead, it compelled her to discover her purpose in life as she overcame the loss of her arm and got back on a surfboard just weeks later.

Heart of a Soul Surfer digs deep into the heart of Bethany’s abiding faith in God, and tackles difficult questions such as, “Why does God allow bad things to happen in our lives?”   It features exclusive surf and family footage of Bethany before and after the attack, including Bethany’s first attempts at surfing with one arm, as well as her winning the 2005 NSSA National Surfing Championship just 19 months later.

Movie Trailer

Watch the Heart of a Soul Surfer official movie trailer below:

Heart of a Soul Surfer movie trailer (2 minutes, 3 seconds).  Requires QuickTime player version 6.5.2 or higher installed on your computer and a broadband internet connection.

Heart of a Soul Surfer

  • Winner of 4 prestigious film awards
  • Nominee for 2 additional awards
  • Named "Official Selection" at 20 film festivals.
  • Starring:  Bethany Hamilton
  • Directed by: Becky Baumgartner
  • Genre:  Documentary
  • MPAA Rating:  This film has not been rated by the MPAA, but has been designated by various other organizations as suitable for family viewing.

Heart of a Soul Surfer is a Becky Baumgartner production in association with Walking on Water.  ©2008 WingClips Cinema.  ©2007 Friends of Bethany, Bethany Hamilton, and Becky Baumgartner.

This showing of Heart of a Soul Surfer is being presented by the Barefoot Hawaiian under license and authority of Wing Clips Cinema.

Also Enjoy a Barefoot Hawaiian Special Performance

In addition to the presentation of  "Heart of a Soul Surfer", your evening and ticket includes a special inspirational  performance by the Barefoot Hawaiian.  Expect to be uplifted and inspired by special spiritual hula dance performances and more. 

Ticket Information

Ticket Price:
$6.00 per person (adult or child)
General Admission

Tickets go on sale May 1, 2010
Cash or Check accepted for payment
Tickets sold first come, first served
Seating is limited

Tickets are available only through and at the
Barefoot Hawaiian through advanced sales only
— No tickets will be available or sold at the door — 

Purchase your tickets in person from

The Barefoot Hawaiian, Inc
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Special Group Sales

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$5.00 per ticket
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To qualify, your group must be for 10 or more tickets and they must be purchased as a group with a single payment.  This group rate is available only to religious organizations.

This movie is perfect for a church outing.

Heart of a Soul Surfer has been described as one of the most powerful ministry tools available — appealing not only to youth and surfers, but also to audiences of all ages and interests. 

An inspiring story for anyone facing a difficulty in their own life.

For group sales, you must call our office (847-699-7336) or visit our store during business hours to make arrangements for group ticket sales for your organization.  Do not use the ticket order form to the left, which is intended for individual sales.

Theater Location & Information

Des Plaines Park District
The Prairie Lakes Community Center Theater

515 East Thacker
Des Plaines, Illinois

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Seating and Entrance

Theater doors will open promptly at 7:00 PM.  Event will start as soon as everyone present is in and seated.  Tickets holders may arrive and begin lining up no earlier then 6:30 PM.  The theater has a handicapped seating area that will be enforced and useable only by handicapped persons and their guests.

We are expecting a full house with every seat sold
No advanced entry  •  No saving of seats, please

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*About Barefoot Hawaiian's "Aloha In Action" Division

"Heart of a Soul Surfer" is a special presentation brought to you by Barefoot Hawaiian's "Aloha In Action" (AIA) division.

"Aloha In Action" is a division of the Barefoot Hawaiian, Inc. dedicated to the community, to humanity, and to individual wellness, personal growth, spiritual improvement, and the establishment of balance and oneness with mind, body, and spirit.  This is in keeping with the Hawaiian traditions of spiritual and physical oneness and always looking toward the good of the tribe.  It has been a part of the Hawaiian culture since ancient times.  To the Barefoot Hawaiian, Hawaiian culture is not simply dancing the hula, but embracing the entire culture that is Hawaii.  We call this the "Spirit of Aloha." 

It is the "Aloha In Action" division of Barefoot Hawaiian, Inc. that handles special community-service events such as fundraisers and supports charitable organizations and qualified, non-profit foundations.  "Aloha In Action" is about taking the core of the Hawaiian Spirit of Aloha and interest in humanity and personal empowerment and putting it into actual practice and action.  The presentation of the inspirational, spiritual, and uplifting film "Heart of a Soul Surfer" is an example of the Barefoot Hawaiian, Inc putting "Aloha in Action."

To have Barefoot Hawaiian's "Aloha In Action" division do something special for your church, religious organization, charity, or foundation, call us at 847-699-7336 for more information and to inquire if your organization and event qualifies as an "Aloha In Action" event.

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