Chicago State Street Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day 2007

In was an extremely frigid Thanksgiving Day in 2007, but cold does not stop the Barefoot Hawaiian from performing on State Street for the annual parade, nor does it deter the Fire Knife Kane from going the traditional bare-chested, as the WGN announcer exclaims in his broadcast that it is what the good people of Chicago come out to see.  

New this year, live broadcast of the 2007 McDonald's Thanksgiving Day Parade (a.k.a. Chicago State Street Thanksgiving Day Parade) moved to WGN-TV.  It was televised locally on WGN channel 9 in Chicago and in syndication across the country on WGN network affiliates.

Participating in the parade were our Professional Fire Knife Performers, Professional Dancers, Drummers, and Banner Carriers..

We were unit #42 and appeared about 60 minutes into the parade's full 2-hour broadcast, and had over 1 minute of air time.  

Chicago State Street Thanksgiving Day Parade (1 minute, 15 Seconds)
Televised Live November 22, 2007

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