Love is Reflected in Love Concert

2005 Concert

The Barefoot Hawaiian runs annual concerts based on the show theme for the year.  In 2005 the show theme was titled "Love is Reflected in Love."  The concert held in June of 2005 was of the same title.

Barefoot Hawaiian concerts are indoor auditorium stage shows that feature live music, drums, dancers of all the forms and style, and a show emcee who explains each performance.  With a cast of over a hundred performers, more costumes that you can count, a full production crew that includes lights, sound, and video technicians, a show that runs about 3 hours in length, and tickets priced at only about $15, a Barefoot Hawaiian concert is one of the best entertainment deals available anywhere in the Chicago area to the general public.

How can we pack a summary into just one web video?  We'll, we can't.  At best, we can only provided a teaser of the full show.  To fully appreciate it, you will simply have to attend our next concert in person.  Look for it in our Event Schedule for the month of June.

One of our concerts or any of our public shows is a great and inexpensive way to introduce yourself to a live Barefoot Hawaiian performance.  The decision to hire the Barefoot Hawaiian for their private events are often made by our customers after attending and experiencing one of our public shows.

Love is Reflected in Love Concert (5-minutes)

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