Barefoot Hawaiian Soloist Jonathan Carreira

"Aloha Ku'u Pua"

Jonathan Carreira is the ideal Hawaiian solo performer for contemporary luaus, upbeat weddings, Hawaiian anniversaries, and for  lounges and restaurants that have a contemporary atmosphere and cater from the younger to the middle-aged patrons.

A typical restaurant or lounge show by Jonathan will run about 2-3 hours, in 2 or 3 sets, and will consist of about 25 songs.   In addition to the wide variety of more recent selections, Jonathan performs many of the original nostalgic Hawaiian tunes that we will all recognize, but performs them with an upbeat tempo.

Jonathan specializes in keeping the party going and the patrons in your establishment.  The lively musical selection you will hear on this page attests that no one sleeps during a Jonathan Carreira performance, and no one will want to leave it.

In this musical selection, Jonathan performs Aloha Ku'u Pua, which was recorded live at a performance in 2006 at the Tiki Terrace, where he frequently performs dinner shows for guests.


Aloha Ku'u Pua
performed by Jonathan Carreira