Barefoot Hawaiian Soloist Jonathan Carreira

"E Miti Afa'i Hau"

Jonathan Carreira plays a myriad musical instruments that include 'ukulele, Tahitian Banjo, bassoon, piano, saxophone, trumpet, euphonium, and clarinet.  In this particular musical selection, you will hear him perform with the Tahitian Banjo.

As a vocalist, Mr. Carreira is equally unmatched, singing the 6 different languages of the South Pacific: English, Hawai'ian, Tahitian, Samoan, Tokelaun, and Maori.  This makes Jonathan not only one of the most talented Hawaiian musicians on the Mainland, but also one of the most versatile, and you will enjoy this through the wide variety of selections in everyone of his shows.

In this musical selection, Jonathan performs E Miti Afa'i Hau, which was recorded live at a performance in 2006 at the Tiki Terrace, where he frequently performs dinner shows for guests.


E Miti Afa'i Hau
performed by Jonathan Carreira