Barefoot Hawaiian Soloist Jonathan Carreira

"Ka Huila Wai"

Jonathan Carreira is a highly talented musician. Having begun his musical training at age 7, Mr. Carreira proceeded to make music and musical education a serious part of his life. He holds both Bachelor and Master degrees in music.

Although his talent spans many genres of music, Mr. Carreira's Hawaiian heritage has kept the South Pacific styles close to his heart, and this is style he prefers to perform on stage for his audience and many followers.

When Jonathan is not performing shows for the Barefoot Hawaiian , he  is teaching music to students at Columbia University, where he has been on staff for 13 years.

In this musical selection, Jonathan performs Ka Huila Wai, which was recorded live at a performance in 2006 at the Tiki Terrace, where he frequently performs dinner shows for guests.


Ka Huila Wai
performed by Jonathan Carreira